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Earthquake Solidarity

In addition to its activities, the Healthy Community Life Association started to work rapidly on the earthquake that took place in our country on February 6, 2023 and changed our priorities by affecting all of us deeply, and determined this issue as the first priority activity. 

Such as eating, drinking, sheltering, etc. basic needs and will bring consciousness to the worlds of emotion-thought-behaviorspiritual needs continues on a system consisting of two main branches that respond. 

Supports Given to Financial Needs

Every 15 days to meet the list of needs determined by our teams we are in contact with in the earthquake area.

food and clothing boxessend. 

Contacting our associationaccording to the profile and professional experience of our people in needthe jobsa networkto cry.


To our families who want to leave the common living spaces provided by the state and move to their own private home life and are ready for this.

providing housing and goods support.

Poor or no economic adequacyUntil we build a new life for our people in need

ordercash income supportto give,

needs of children in their education

providing financial resources. 

Supports Given to Spiritual Needs

Our people affected by the February 6 earthquake should get used to the natural flow of life and new living conditions, adapt to the region and culture to which they are transferredawareness-raising activities to provideconducting, organizing seminars and workshops. 

of our people who have been subjected to the traumas of severe perform their emotional, mental and somatic repairs and to rehabilitate themmentally strengthen to; to carry out psychosomatic studies, to restructure their world of thought, to re-establish a relationship of trust and bond in the spiritual sense, to gain an understanding of developing a new consciousness and peace towards nature. 


which are among the activities of our association and organized at regular intervals."Circles of Love"neither by hosting them, to enable them to meet the instructive side of their experiences, to introduce them to the heavy but powerful side of their own experiences.

raise awareness. 

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